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It works

Have been using this for almost a month and I don’t see any change in length but I do notice I have more lashes. The price is high but happy with the results so far. I’ve tried several different lash serums at lower prices that did not work.

Patricia D.X

good eyelash conditioner

After 40 days I see a change, but not as expected. More volume but not more length. When I started using it I had just removed my eyelash extensions, so I had fewer and shorter lashes due to the extensions. Grow back was expected. It is ok for the price but you feel a bit silly applying it twice a day for such a minor improvement.


Still waiting to see

Haven’t noticed much of a change in my lashes. Been using for a few months.

Lindsay B

Three Stars

Been using this for several years but am now concerned it is not the same potency…I see less impact.

Debbie Fairfield

This product has not performed as I thought it would…

This product does work! With that being said on two separate occasions when I have used it I had a large bump appear under my eyelid. After I discontinued use the first time it almost went away completely. Thinking it could be coincidental I purchased another tube several months later and the same thing happened. The second time I ended up seeking medical attention and it is still very obvious. Also had some irritation as well.

Jamie Honeggar

Not good

Used to work for me but this batch isn’t! Seems somewhat dried up?! Disappointed!

Cat M

Less product, more money

I like this product very much and have had success with it. My issue is that for $98, I expected the same amount of product that I purchased a few months ago. Sadly, although the tube size is the same, the amount of product is about 1/4 less that my old tube. So I guess increasing the price wasn’t enough, now the amount in each tube has been reduced.


No real results in the first month

I’ve been using it for about 5 weeks. My lashes look a bit darker, but they don’t really appear to be longer. I’m not sure how long I should be using it in order to see results. I’ll keep using it but after my 3 month supply is gone if I don’t see a big difference I won’t be re-ordering.


eyelash growth serum that works

I was skeptical at first but I went ahead and bought this after a friend showed me the results she had with this product. I had skimpy lashes and brows prior to using this product and was resigned to having to live with that till death do me part. I figured I had nothing to lose so I ordered it. After using it once a day every day for about 3-4 weeks on both by upper and lower lashes plus my eyebrows I was really surprised that I was indeed seeing results. I actually have eyelashes and my brows are also filling in! I’m very happy to say that it is noticeable! I will definitely be ordering more of this product!

Donna M

It really works

I want to give it five stars… but I am allergic to it, and I don’t have very sensitive skin. I Rarely react to products. but it works. My lashes grew longer than ever. I got itchy red patches under my eyes every time I used it… I tried spacing out applying it to every other night or even every three days between treatments…. to no avail.

Susan Ring


It does take a while to see them, but after about 5-6 weeks – wham! I did eye lash extensions for about 6 months and once I stopped, my eyelashes were so, so short. I had a meltdown. My lashes have always been pretty long, but never full (hence the eyelash extensions). I read the reviews for this product and bought it right away. I have been using this product for months and my lashes are so long they tough my eyebrows and they are incredibly dark and full! I have just purchased my second bottle! This product lasted me from May to September and I applied two swipes per eye every night to clean lashes!

Taylor Beck

Three stars

Just OK. I apply it twice a day- once in the morning and once before bed and it has helped to make my lashes a bit fuller and longer, but not like I’ve seen before. I actually thought that perhaps I got a fake or inert tube….but like I said I do see “some” results.


Three Stars

Waiting for results!

Anne B

Great product

Love this it really works.

Lisa M

I have been using it religiously every day for 2 …

I have been using it religiously every day for 2 months before i started noticing the difference. I can’t say they doubled but I definitely see improvement

Vera T


I can tell a difference in my brows and lashes. I’ve been using the product for over a month and my brows are definitely growing in better in the thin spots and my lashes feel and look fuller. I’m not sure they are longer, but I still feel that this product is worth the price and improves the look and feel of your brows and lashes!

U. Hanna

This is the second time I buy this serum

This is the second time I buy this serum. It works just as promised, however when I got it this time I was unable to open it, had to use pliers.

Tatiana Bratton
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