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Long eyelashes

This product really works well for me! My eyelashes touch my sunglasses lens! I have had compliments on my eye lashes. This is my fourth tube and still love it! Highly recommend!


I may be returning this

I purchased the 2.0 ml double pack and am on my 21st day. I don’t see much growth so far. I know it’ll take a few more weeks to see progress. My actual problem is that I’m only on the third week and my first bottle seems to be running dry already. I swiped it over each lash line once every evening. I read one bottle should last 3 months. Misleading? Not enough product in bottle? Bad seed? Should I send it all back?


I see a difference!

So I have been using this lilash serum for about 2 months now and I have seen some improvements! The first month I haven’t seen any changes but I the second month I have seen that my lashes are a little bit longer and little bit thicker, my co workers and friends have noticed the changes of my lashes. But the only reason why I gave it a 2 Star is because I have this little patch on my bottom right lashes that won’t grow, I mean I see little thin hairs growing now but the process is slow for that patch. And another reason why I gave it a 4 Star is because sometimes my new lashes will fall out easily.

Alyssa M

Until now I didn’t see any chance 🙁

This is an expensive product it should work. I used to buy latisse but I decided to try Lilash for this time but it didn’t give me good results until now. I am using it for more than a month and I didn’t see any change. I wish i can get my money back 🙁 very disappointed

Beatris M

Only thing that works

I love this product. After trying many others to little or no avail, gave this a shot and that was two years ago. Won’t be without. Be careful when purchasing however, a lot of fakes out there.

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