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The only annoying thing is that lashes become quite week and start …

Very effective and you can see the results in few weeks. The only annoying thing is that lashes become quite weak and start to fall down once you stop it.


I enjoy this product

I enjoy this product. I’ve seen a little bit of results, makes around the lash line tingly. And cool. So far so good!


Really works. Seriously.

I applied this once a day for 4 weeks, (the instructions recommend 2x – morning and night) and my lashes are definitely longer and there are more of them. I even have lashes growing on my lower lid, which is amazing, because I’ve never had lower lashes. I’ve tried Latisse, Revitalash, and numerous other products, and this is definitely the best.

C. Crocker

This serum really works, it took about 3wks before …

This serum really works, it took about 3wks before I noticed any length to my lashes but now after 6 weeks, I can really notice the difference. I’ll definitely purchase more once this one runs out.


It causes redness

It causes redness in my eyelids but anyway I use it because my lashes grow much better!

Letizia Gonzalez

Wouldn’t buy it

Have been doing this every single day for 4 weeks and haven’t seen any difference… was expecting to see some sort of growth already but haven’t.


This Stuff Works!

O.K., I purposely waited approximately two months after I started using the M2beaute eyelash serum before reviewing. Simply put, this stuff works! And works well. I have tried other serums: Revitalash was wonderful when it was first introduced by the physician who created it for his wife after she went through chemotherapy. Then a few years later he sold to a corporation, and the formula changed. Anyway, I have tried other products (one was considerably more expensive than this M2), and nothing compares to this serum. I am in my late 60’s; my bottom lashes had complete voids in two areas – those have come back thicker, longer, stronger. My top lashes are stronger and new lashes have appeared. I am often asked if I’m wearing false lashes, so that’s a pretty good testament to the success of this product. I have had no problems with the serum, no negative reaction; I highly recommend this serum.


Amazing serum

love it. I use for 1 month and 2 weeks and my lashes it growing very much, but I have to use it for 3 month!


Four Stars

Excellent! The lashes free and mascara is now superfluous!

Ornella Morrow

Three Stars

I have been using this product for about 4-5 months now and do not see any difference.


I didn’t see too much of a dramatic difference

I didn’t see too much of a dramatic difference. I only noticed a difference when I applied mascara since they did seem a bit longer.

Veronica Tamez
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