Woolash Reviews

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WooLash Reviews

Have you ever noticed your eyelashes are falling or they don’t look as full as they used to? So many women try to curl their lashes or wear fake lashes/extensions to make their lashes more full by wearing artificial and toxic product which on the long run, can cause more eyelash serum loss and skin/eye irritation and infection.


There are so many effective natural products that can help your lashes growth without spending so much time and money which can also lead to a long-term solution for fuller and thicker eyelashes. Having fuller lashes will add immediate attraction to the eyes giving them more stunning, and healthier look.

Natural ingredients must have the ability to not only strengthen but also condition and promote maximum eyelash growth. Having fuller lash texture will not only give aesthetic beauty to the eyes but also will protect eyes from dust and other small particles that enter the eye which can cause eye irritation/infection. Eyelashes protect the eye and help the light access while blocking harmful particles from entering the eyes. In addition, people who wear eye contacts have more sensitive eyes and suffer more from an eye infection.

The most effective eyelash enhancer comes from the quality of Woolash serum. Woolash eyelash growth product will thicken and lengthen your lashes. Woolash product ingredients were designed to increase the lash growth rapidly to make you look more attractive and give your eyelashes more strength. Woolash eyelash growth enhancer serum uses many natural ingredients to not only improve your eyelash growth but also nourish your lashes.

Woolash eyelash growth serum is well known for giving full volume, texture, and length. Woolash product is ideal for all types of skin and ages. Woolash company cares about customers’ satisfaction and always improves its product to suit best to the customers’ needs. Woolash will bring your natural beauty and feminine look to the next level.

Woolash was customized by the expert dermatologists, cosmetologists and chemists to come up with innovative and well-known ingredients such as Myristoyl Pentapeptide-17, Grape Stem Cell, Calcium Pantothenate, Panthenol from B5 vitamin, Avocado and Coconut extract.

Woolash is providing a long-term solution for fuller eyelashes by helping them grow and increase its length and thickness within 4 weeks. Woolash is a pure natural and cruelty free product that is FDA approved, tested and certified by beauty specialists.

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More than what I hoped for! The real deal!!

Well, my biggest concern with a product that enhances eyelashes is the fear it could harm my eyes or do the opposite and make my eyelashes fall out!  My friends encouraged me to try this product. There were no side effects and I have seen my lashes improve in length and fullness.

Stephanie Woren

Does make lashes longer with some more volume

I was skeptical that an eyelash serum would really promote growth and didn’t really expect to see a result.  I was curious enough to try Woolash anyway and was pleasantly surprised- within a month my lashes started to look fuller and by the time the second month rolled around they were looking longer!

Deborah McGraw

Crazy results

Right away after seeing longer eyelashes, my husband has used it for his hair. Hope they have some serum for hair growth too.

Joana Hutson

I’m in love with WooLash

I’ve been using Woolash for 3 months and it is amazing!! My lashes are fuller, darker and healthier.

Anna Maria

Late shipment but Awesome

I ordered WooLash from Netherlands. Its delivery was late. However, the serum performance is awesome. It gifted long lashes to my eyes. Just, you need to order it soon before running out of it

Carline Agnolon

Top eyelash serum

I thought the most expensive eyelash serums are the most effective ones. When my daughter gifted Woolash to me, and I started to use it every day, I realized that we have to care about a product’s ingredients. Woolash makes my lashes wonderful.

Hilaria Burnett

Woolash saved my lashes….

I wanted to find a product to make my eyelashes grow – as I felt that they were my least attractive feature – very short and stubby! I did research and liked the ingredients in Woolash – especially the peptides and grape stem cell. I’ve been using the product for around 2 months now – and I’ve seen positive results. My lashes are now longer and softer.


Much fuller

My lashes became much much fuller in a short period of time…about a month!

Pamela Zuckerman

Great product

I’m a quick fix girl and my eyelashes have always been my pet peeve- drab and sparse. So, I doubted that any lash extension product would work. In lieu of this I tried Woolash and after a few months, my lashes are now thicker and longer but in my opinion one should try the product and proceed with patience.

Marlene Greer

Great Product

I would highly recommend WooLash! It’s so easy to use – once in the morning, and once before bed – and my lashes are looking amazing! They’re longer and thicker so I use less mascara now!

Liza K

Worth the Money

Lash enhancing was new territory for me – it seemed like a luxury I couldn’t afford and really a waste of money altogether.  I was not convinced that Woolash was a viable product. The price was reasonable and so I decided to give it a try. I was worth it! After 3 months use, I notice that my lashes are much healthier and fuller.

Maria Aguilar

Safe serum

I have sensitive skin so that wearing any mascara can burn my eyes, easily. When I started to use Woolash, I felt a little bit cool tingling for seconds. I thought it doesn’t work since I didn’t see any change on my lashes for ten days. But, after two weeks my eyelashes got strong as I have had less falling eyelashes than before. Now, they are longer, fuller and thicker than ever.

Catalina Edorsa

Best eyelash enhancer

I believe it is the best eyelash serum, I’ve ever had so far. I wear this eyelash serum twice a day for three weeks. Since then, my eyelash got longer and fuller, noticeably.

Pamela Slatten

Five Stars

It is a wonderful eyelash enhancer. I had used mascara to make my eyelashes look fuller and longer. Since, I’ve used this magic eyelash enhancing serum for about three months my eyelashes grow and, naturally.

Sylvia Venesse

Very happy with this product

I’m a busy wife and mom and so it really takes a serious situation for me to do something for myself – that would be a total luxury.  I’m turning 40 in September and noticed my eyes looking a little dull.  My lashes seem dull and sparse.  A friend suggested Woolash and gave it to me as a “pre-birthday” gift.  This is my 3rd week and I’m seeing that my lashes are fuller and shinier!

Julie Romero

Awesome product

I’m over 65 years old and felt that my eyes were looking dreary and tried.  The last thing I thought would be that I could have sexy eyelashes that would make my eyes “light up.” A friend told me about Woolash and I tried it on a whim.  I have to say that after just a few months my lashes are fuller.  I feel that I look 10 years younger.


Worth it, it works!

My lashes are fuller and healthier! Love using Woolash!

Catherine Eli

Get Longer Lashes!!

I wanted to have long and full lashes, as I wasn’t getting the results I wanted from lengthening mascara. I heard about Woolash, but was afraid that it would irritate my eyes.  I never felt anything weird and have been using Woolash for 3 months, now I have fuller, thicker lashes without any signs of side effects!! I love the results.



I love woolash. It really helped me to get longer lashes ….. Thank you woolash .


The best I’ve ever tried

I was thoroughly disappointed having long and beautiful eyelashes until I was recommended by my friend this eyelash serum. Their grow are a bit slow, but the result are satisfactory for my eyelashes

Elizabeth Garnier

Works Wonders!

I love it! My sisters and mom noticed how my fuller and longer eyelashes enhanced my green eyes. It’s really worth money. I’m totally loving it.

Leslie Borhaz

best eyelash serum

Amazing lash growth. I actually bought this product in a special sale in January, and I ordered two bottles last week. The price is very affordable and its performance is much better than other expensive serum for eyelashes.

Wendy LaFitte


This is an amazing product! It made my lashes grow super long in a few weeks time. I highly recommend it 🙂

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